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To Business Owners Seeking Growth Capital

Succession Plus is seeking suitable private and family owned companies for investment purposes.

If your business is at that inflexion point where you need additional capital and expertise to propel your business to the next stage of growth then we can help.

We can provide funding that allows business owners to:

accelerate business growth;
retain a significant shareholding;
take some money off the table immediately; and
fund a departing shareholder.
In addition to providing funding, we can serve as a business partner with existing owners, providing strategic input and advice.

Businesses of interest should have:

an operating history of no less than 5-years
minimum current annual revenues of $3 million
average earnings over the last 3-years of no less than $400K
committed recurring revenues; and
a proven demonstrated business model serving a growing market
So, if you think your business has what it takes, and would like to understand more, drop us a line by filling out the form below.

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