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Financial management


Financial management

By , October 17, 2019
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Mid-tier businesses have different problems and need different solutions.

Host Craig West speaks to Mark Pinhorn from HYD Advisory about the biggest financial management issues that businesses experience as they grow and how to overcome them.

Mark as a business strategist is a passionate problem-solver, analytical strategist, and people-centred, goal-oriented leader with verifiable success in mentoring clients and in translating clients’ needs and resources into revenue-generating solutions for challenges in business transitions, strategic management and execution, and sustainability. Mark has a verifiable track record of influencing business growth to a portfolio of SME clients through strategic business advice in all aspects of business development and operations covering growth challenges, legal/corporate governance, strategic planning, sales and marketing, finance, and human resources.

As a growth catalyst, Mark employs strength in financial management, business analysis, planning and execution in creating opportunities and influencing sustainable business growth.

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