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Succession Plus are specialists in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for SME owners to manage strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning.

Choosing Succession Plus gives you a greater ability to identify, protect, maximise and extract the wealth contained in the business and related assets. You only get to leave your business once, so it pays to get it right. Our knowledge of succession planning, and unique Intellectual Property, means we’ve played a critical role in countless business sales, acting as an adviser to buy-side and sell-side clients.


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Peter Miller


Peter’s experience includes employee management, coaching and mentoring, reducing corporate overheads as a business expense analyst, budgeting, creating and maintaining relationships with client businesses. He previously held New Zealand responsibility for implementation and management of group insured employee benefits for Alexander Benefits Services, now part of AON NZ Financial Services. Based on his own experience and research, Peter launched his initial business ownership succession planning service in 2001, working with the ANZ bank in Auckland. He has subsequently developed business ownership exit and succession plans for hundreds of clients regardless of where they bank. No longer associated with any bank, he is ready to help you prepare your business exit strategy.

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Steve Connell


Steve’s accounting and business consulting career led into training and development. He’s delivered leadership, sales and frontline service workshops and programs in Australia and Asia. He became a business coach in 1999. Steve works with businesses to establish the Vision, Culture, Strategies, and Operating Structures needed for success, along with the skills required to implement growth and change. A qualified Mindfulness teacher, Steve’s committed to helping business owners deal with the stresses of the modern commercial environment, and live lives of purpose, focus and wellbeing.

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At Succession Plus, we believe that diligent guidance in the lead up to a business sale or handover means better outcomes for everyone involved.
Maximise the sale value of your business, achieve a successful exit, and guarantee investment quality for the new owner. Contact us
Know the stakes and gain a clear plan for how to to maximise the value of your business now and in the long term. Contact us
Gain productivity and retention benefits by inviting employees to invest in your business. Contact us

Succession Plus was created to empower business owners in making their biggest professional decision since starting their enterprise: stepping away from it.

While succession advice was traditionally sought from lawyers, non-specialist consultants and business brokers, we came to market to offer a streamlined, process-driven approach to business succession.

One of the results is the creation and refinement of our 21-Step Plan for Business Succession. Owners and stakeholders can follow a proven strategy, with tailored advice at each step, to maximise the value and ongoing financial security of the business.

Engaging Succession Plus is about ensuring that you don’t waste your years of hard work. We shine a light on what’s worth your energy and time to attend to, so you can make decisions based on what’s most important.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is Business Succession and Exit Planning?

    • Combining the business, financial and personal goals of business owners to design and implement a strategic exit.

  • What is Family business succession?

    • Family succession is slightly more complicated as many family members may also be employees and shareholders – thus wearing multiple “hats”.

  • How long does a good succession plan take?

    • Good planning takes years and you really cannot start too early “ Begin with the end in mind”

  • How do I know what my business is worth?

    • The only way to properly establish the value of your business is to get a proper valuation.

  • What are the key factors that add to (or detract from) value?

    • There are many factors that influence value – size, risk, scale, location, customers, marketing and people

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Appointments can be made at your convenience during or outside business hours, at your preferred location and either face to face or over the phone.

If you want to build a business you can sell for maximum value, Craig West is the best in the field.

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