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How to attract, retain & motivate key employees

Wednesday, 8th May 2019
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Collins SBA Boardroom
29 Murray Street
Hobart, TAS 7000

Learn how to get your employees to think and act like business owners by using an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Presented by Craig West, a leading national expert on the establishment of employee share schemes for small to medium businesses in Australia.

ESOPs are increasingly being used as a succession tool and to attract, retain and motivate key employees. Join us and find out how the Employee Share Ownership Plan rules could be the key to solving your succession issue and maximising the value of your business.

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SME Barriers to Growth
Strategies for dealing with the top 6 barriers to growth for Small and Medium Businesses

Tuesday, 21st May 2019
8:00 am – 9:00 am
Mentored Boardroom
Level 11, 1 Chifley Square

Despite their success, 90% of small and medium business owners say they face 6 barriers to reaching their full potential:

  1. Time to think
  2. Affordable assistance
  3. Succession planning
  4. Digital technology
  5. Cash flow management; and
  6. Sales growth

This seminar works through the 4 highlighted areas above with subject matter experts in these fields.

Our Topics

  1. Overview of the top 6 barriers to growth by Marianne Wichman
  2. Talent acquisition and management by Natasha Hawker
  3. The importance of establishing a business valuation as a reference point and tool to work on the business and the road to succession by Darren McCoubrie
  4. Cashflow management and accessing senior skilled resources to grow your business by David King

Limited seats only. Please RSVP by 14th May 2019.

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Ongoing Webinars

Maximise the Value of Your Business

Explore the HOW, WHEN and WHY of business succession and exit planning and find out why now is the best time to map out a strategy.


ESOP as a Business Succession Tool

Get an overview of Employee Share Ownership Plans and learn how various types of ESOPs are used to increase productivity, employee engagement, and as a business succession and exit planning option.



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