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One-Day Employee Engagement Conference and Christmas Networking (A Special Client Event)

Wed, 12th Dec 2018
From 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Mentored Boardroom
Level 11, 1 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000


Our Speakers:

Session 1: Clare Long – Engaging and Energising Your Talent

A global workforce study of 32,000 employees conducted by Towers Watson in 2012 found that only 35% of that audience were highly engaged. Further, the study showed a clear relationship between high levels of employee engagement and improved financial and operational results.

In this presentation, Clare defines what engagement is, the relationship between engagement and retention, and how to tailor the right engagement strategy to an individual.

Session 2: Daniel Murray – Understanding People: Tools to Build Empathy in Your Business

Daniel explains how the future of leadership will be judged by the ability to connect and engage diverse people to uncover deep insights, form collaborative teams and foster powerful partnerships.

Session 3: Craig West – Incentive Planning

Craig shares how to design the remuneration model to best match your business goals and ensure the right KPI’s are tracked and focused on.

This session will also feature Succession Plus’s Ownership Mindset model – a business model that helps create a culture of accountability and purpose.

Networking drinks follow from 5:00 pm onwards!

Please RSVP on or before 30 Nov 2018.

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