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Business Valuation

Are you dealing with Unmanaged Risk?

In our experience it is unmanaged risk that most often makes a potential buyer walk away. It’s these same risks that probably keep you up at night. The good news is there’s no risk we haven’t seen before and nothing that can’t be resolved.

Gaps might include;

Reliance on key personnel

A mismatch in management

Unsystematised work processes

Lack of documentation

Expensive revenue


Poor technology

Sick finances

Dealing with these risks is straightforward if you have the right step-by-step process. Rather than do it alone, we are here to identify and mitigate any potential threats to your sellability.

Benefits Of Our Service


Our unique process is designed to provide you with an accurate assessment of your business performance and value, while not significantly affecting your day-to-day operations in the process.


We will examine not only the financial aspects of the business, but also the non-financial/operational issues and the personal goals of the business owner.


We will design a valuation model to accurately assess the business and outline the best way to address key issues including tax planning, risk management and your business’ succession and exit readiness.

Business Valuation Report

For a more thorough and formal assessment of business value we conduct “reverse due diligence”. This involves a thorough analysis of your business from a buyer’s perspective over 4-6 weeks, identifying gaps that may prevent you from maximising your return.

You will receive;

  • A Comprehensive and clear 65-page report
  • Clarity on how you stack up against industry benchmarks
  • Recommendations on what to address
  • 3-hour workshop to identify priorities

We will work with you to limit any impact on staff during the review so business can continue as usual.

Arranging a valuation is both easy and a great investment. It gives you peace of mind as well as a clear plan outlining what you should do to maximise your business now and in the long term.


Let’s Get Started

Book an obligation-free 30 minute appointment with a Succession Plus adviser to see how a Business Valuation can benefit your business. We have business advisers in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane. Get in touch today.

Get exit ready.

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