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Manufacturing in Australia


Manufacturing in Australia

By , July 10, 2014

It’s not unusual to hear ‘tales of woe’ about manufacturing in Australia. “It’s had it” is the catch cry and there is ample evidence that the manufacturing base is changing. GMH, Toyota, Phillips, Mitsubishi; the list goes on and on. But is it a change that goes remorselessly on until there is no manufacturing left at all? No one manufacturing anything? This will not happen. Goran Roos the former Thinker in Residence and now Advisor on Advanced Manufacturing, links making things (manufacturing) to the basic wellbeing of society. Last week I attended a Fisher Jeffries sponsored Focus Group where both Susan Close MP, Minister for Innovation and Manufacturing and David Baghurst, ISIS Innovation (Asia) University of Oxford, spoke and outlined just some of the opportunities that beckon the manufacturing, creative entrepreneur. They identified real manufacturing opportunities. If manufacturing has no future, how is it that we continue to sell manufacturing businesses? It’s because the buyers understand innovation, improvements and investment in the future. Talk to us about manufacturing today – there are many great stories and we are confident that there is a place in our society for notable investment into the future.


Bevan Roberts

CEO/Director | Dale Wood Business Sales Consultancy

Bevan Roberts has been for many years the CEO of South Australia's best known business sales consultancy and brings a wealth of experience to his role as a partner in Succession Plus.

Succession Plus Partner - South Australia