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Consistency Is A Natural Expectation


Consistency Is A Natural Expectation

By , February 10, 2015

Consistency is a natural expectation. We expect our sporting teams to be consistent. We support businesses that consistently deliver above expectation. We have a view that the politicians elected will consistently deliver the ideas, plans and policy that they have espoused during the run up to an election. Consistent economic development and consistent opportunity to grow within this environment has been our experience over time. It is no wonder we react so badly to inconsistency. The inconsistency of business progress and opportunity. The movement of the Australian dollar / USA relativity over a six year cycle now looks most inconsistent. Our politicians are behaving inconsistently. Inconsistency builds uncertainty and this can break down confidence. Confidence as a constant will usually produce consistent results. Quality businesses have predictable consistency. We love selling quality businesses. They consistently meet their new owners’ expectations. Give me consistency every day!


Bevan Roberts

CEO/Director | Dale Wood Business Sales Consultancy

Bevan Roberts has been for many years the CEO of South Australia's best known business sales consultancy and brings a wealth of experience to his role as a partner in Succession Plus.

Succession Plus Partner - South Australia